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24 Jun 2011, 5:30 am by Ernie Svenson
Jeff Richardson (of iPhoneJD fame) and I will be meeting Jim Dedman today for lunch. [read post]
24 Nov 2010, 4:17 am by Walter Olson
Jim Dedman at Abnormal Use instances some of the progress to be thankful for (more: Bob Dorigo Jones). [read post]
16 Mar 2012, 1:42 pm by Eugene Volokh
(Eugene Volokh) Jim Dedman (Abnormal Use) ran a series of posts on My Cousin Vinny from a lawyer’s perspective, including interviews with the filmmakers — if you liked the movie, check it out. [read post]
1 Apr 2010, 7:41 am by Evan Schaeffer
For your reading pleasure on April 1, here's a post by Jim Dedman at Abnormal Use, "Unsatisfying Snickers Bar Unreasonably Dangerous and Defective, Texas Court Holds." [read post]
26 Sep 2012, 8:12 am by Evan Schaeffer
Find out here, at Jim Dedman's Abnormal Use: "The Most Important Unwritten Rule" of Depositions. [read post]
16 May 2013, 11:44 am by Evan Schaeffer
I think Jim Dedman could solve it himself by producing or writing for TV. [read post]
25 May 2020, 8:54 am by Walter Olson
Longtime reader Jim Dedman reminds us of what this blog looked like in 1999: Requiescat in pace, @Overlawyered (1999 – 2020). [read post]
13 Apr 2012, 8:10 am by Evan Schaeffer
Compare these two recent posts-- On April 11, Jim Dedman, in a post at NC Law Blog, described how iPads might be used to do away with paper exhibits at depositions. [read post]
27 Jun 2011, 5:57 am by Ted Frank
Jim Dedman reviews trial-lawyer Susan Saladoff's Hot Coffee documentary, which tells one side of the story of the McDonald's coffee case, but not a fair representation of the other side, which I discuss in detail in this 2009 Washington Examiner op-ed about the making of the movie. [read post]
15 Apr 2014, 11:45 am by Kevin
Thanks to Jim Dedman and the others at the award-winning products-liability blog Abnormal Use for reviewing The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance, with a special thanks to Batten Farrar for his expert rendition of the cover. [read post]
23 Dec 2014, 9:05 pm by Walter Olson
“Chicago judge ruled legally insane wants to be restored to bench,” and voters don’t seem to mind that; New Kevin Underhill book on odd laws, The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance, review and interview by Jim Dedman; Music rights organization BMI sues Cleveland bar over one night’s performance by a cover band, seeking up to $1.5 million; It’s rash to assume you can fire an employee caught working another job while on FMLA leave from your workplace. [read post]
16 Oct 2014, 6:56 am
From Walter Olson's Overlawyered, I learned about this post by Jim Dedman who writes at the blog, Abnormal Use. [read post]
8 Feb 2012, 1:33 pm by Bruce Carton
On the Abnormal Use blog Tuesday, editor Jim Dedman suggested that lawyers may need to start asking themselves the following question: "Will My Advocate Opponent Impeach Me With My Own Legal Social Media?" [read post]
21 Sep 2015, 9:05 pm by Walter Olson
District Attorney” comic book cover at right is from Jim Dedman at Abnormal Use, who as part of his Friday links roundup for years now has featured great law-related comic book covers related to law, crime, and justice. [read post]
14 Mar 2011, 4:30 am by Steve McConnell
Because every time we whisper a word about popular music in one of our posts we receive a prompt corrective from those guys -- usually Jim Dedman. [read post]
29 Apr 2014, 4:02 am by Walter Olson
Another of our favorite legal bloggers, Jim Dedman of Abnormal Use, has interviewed him about it and I was trying to decide which snippets to excerpt when I realized I liked the whole thing and should just ask to reprint it. [read post]
13 May 2014, 2:26 am by Walter Olson
Ready to brew (h/t Ted Frank) Because the twenty-year-old Stella Liebeck case is getting another round of attention on some blogs — Susan Saladoff’s short film Hot Coffee having served quite successfully to keep the trial lawyers’ side of the controversy in circulation — it’s worth a closer look at the latest in Jim Dedman’s (Abnormal Use) writings deflating the case’s mythos [Defense Research Institute DRI Today, previously briefly noted… [read post]
12 Mar 2012, 2:00 pm by Steve McConnell
We were delighted when Jim Dedman of the Abnormal Use blog asked us to help celebrate the twentieth anniversary of My Cousin Vinny. [read post]
6 May 2013, 11:43 am by Evan Schaeffer
Maslanka at Work Matters; "Useful Tips From A Recent Bench-Bar Conference," by Alex Craigie at At Counsel Table; "How to Subpoena Amazon," by Keith Lee at Associate's Mind; "The Perils of Expert Depositions and The Duration Thereof," by Jim Dedman at Abnormal Use;  "Sensitive Litigation Moment No. 17: Pretend You're Not a Lawyer. [read post]
7 Sep 2012, 7:35 am by Evan Schaeffer
Finally, at Abnormal Use, check out Jim Dedman's "Friday Links." [read post]