Your search Joanne and Arthur Kinoy, Plaintiffs-appellees, v. John M. Mitchell, Individually and As Former Attorneygeneral of the United States; Elliot G. Richardson, Asattorney General of the United States; Clyde A. Tolson, Asexecutor of the Estate of J. Edgar Hoover; Clarence Kelley,as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation; Whitneynorth Seymour, Individually and As Former United Statesattorney for the Southern District of New York; John H.doyle, Individually and As Former Assistant United Statesattorney; "john Doe," Individually and As an Agent of Thefederal Bureau of Investigation; "richard Roe,"individually and As an Agent of the Federal Bureau Ofinvestigation; and the United States of America,defendants-appellants did not match any document.