Your search Jody Mapp, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Vance Everett, Wyoming Department of Corrections Honorconservation Camp Superintendent, Individually and in Hisofficial Capacity; Ron Munoz, Wyoming Department Ofcorrections Honor Conservation Camp, Captain of Security,individually and in His Official Capacity; Judy Uphoff,wyoming Department of Corrections Director, Individually Andin Her Official Capacity; Barry Peterson, Wyomingdepartment of Corrections Honor Conservation Camp, Deputywarden, Individually and in His Official Capacity; Lindagates, Wyoming Department of Corrections Honor Conservationcamp, Tracking Officer, Individually and in Her Officialcapacity, Lana Culver, Wyoming Department of Correctionshonor Conservation Camp, Business Manager, Individually Andin Her Official Capacity, Defendants-appellees did not match any document.