Your search John C. Mayfield, Iii, Individually and in Behalf of Allothers Similarly Situated; Joseph Vlacovsky,individually and in Behalf of All Otherssimilarly Situated,plaintiffs-appellants, v. John H. Dalton, Secretary of the Navy; Carl E. Mundy,general Commandant, United States Marine Corps; Charles C.krulak, Lieutenant General, Commanding General, Marineforces Pacific; Richard F. Vercauteren, Brigadier General,commanding Officer, Marine Corps Base, Hawaii; Richardmonreal, Lieutenant Colonel, Commanding Officer, 1st Radiobattalion, Marine Forces Pacific; Vaughn P. Fox, Major,commanding Officer, B Company, 1st Radio Battalion, Marineforces Pacific; and John Does 1-25, Defendants-appellees did not match any document.