Your search John S. Trinsey, Jr. v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of State, Board Ofelections, the Governor, Secretary of the Commonwealth,arlen Specter, Anne Anstine, William H. Lamb, Elsie Hillman,herbert Barness, the Republican State Committee Ofpennsylvania, Intervenors in Dc,pennsylvania Democratic State Committee, Lawrence J. Yatch,william K. Myrtetus, Don Walko, Billie Jo Herr Andanthony J. May, Intervenors,intervenors, Senator Arlen Specter, Anne Anstine, William H.lamb, Elsie Hillman, Herbert Barness, and Therepublican Committee of Pennsylvania,appellants in No. 91-1490,department of State of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,governor Casey and Commonwealth Secretarychristopher A. Lewis, Appellants in No. 91-1491 did not match any document.