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10 Dec 2009, 3:23 pm
Duke Law Professor Joseph Blocher’s argument that NFL instant replay reviews should reconsider on-field calls de novo has resulted in an extensive debate. [read post]
10 Dec 2009, 2:03 am
Duke Law professor Joseph Blocher asks a great question: Why Aren't Instant Replays Reviewed De Novo? [read post]
9 Dec 2009, 11:54 pm
Joseph Blocher asks an intriguing question. [read post]
8 Dec 2009, 1:33 pm
We suppose it's probably good for our mental well-being, but it does mean we miss making observations like one made recently by Duke Law prof Joseph Blocher over at the PrawfsBlawg (Hat tip: Legal Blog Watch.) [read post]
7 Dec 2009, 10:18 am
Over on the PrawfsBlawg, guest blogger Joseph Blocher, a professor at Duke Law School, asks a great question that may resonate with some of you lawyers/NFL fans out there: Why are instant replays in the NFL (or in any other sport) subject to a heightened standard of review that requires “conclusive” or “indisputable” evidence to overturn an incorrect call? [read post]
1 Dec 2009, 10:58 pm
However, law professor Joseph Blocher makes a strong argument that instant replay should instead follow the model of de novo review: Why are instant replays in the NFL (or in any other sport) subject to a heightened standard of review that requires “conclusive” or “indisputable” evidence to overturn an incorrect call? [read post]
1 Dec 2009, 5:00 am
New to the Prawfs conversation are: Sarah Lawsky (comedy and tax, GW/UVA); Peter Appel (UGA; environmental); John Greenman (UOregon; con law); Fabio Arcila (Touro; Crim Pro); Joseph Blocher (Duke; con law); and Richard Albert (BC; comparative con law). [read post]
17 Jul 2009, 10:10 am
The other contributors are Joseph Blocher (Duke) and Prawfs alums Christopher Lund (Wayne State) and Bernadette Meyler (Cornell). [read post]
24 May 2009, 12:14 pm
Here is this week's collection of newly available First Amendment scholarship: 1) Joseph Blocher, Categoricalism and Balancing In First and Second Amendment Analysis, 84 N.Y.U. [read post]
22 May 2009, 10:11 am
Volume 84 May 2009 Number 2 ARTICLES Categoricalism and Balancing in First and Second Amendment Analysis Joseph Blocher A Theory of Taxing Sovereign Wealth Victor Fleischer Toward Procedural Optionality: Private Ordering of Public Adjudication Robert J. [read post]
18 May 2009, 5:10 pm
Rev. 919 (2008) Joseph Blocher, Amending the Exceptions Clause, 92 Minn. [read post]
24 Feb 2009, 4:12 am
Court of Appeals Clerkships, Research Fellowship HARVARD Berger-Howe Research Fellow DUKE Joseph Blocher, JD YALE 2006, MA? [read post]
19 Jan 2009, 1:36 pm
Two articles look like they would be of particular interest to property profs: James Grimmelmann, Virtual World Feudalism, and Joseph Blocher, Reputation as Property in Virtual Economies. [read post]
19 Jan 2009, 6:20 am
This week presents the first of the two part virtual worlds symposium issue with pieces by Joseph Blocher, James Grimmelmann, and Joshua Fairfield. [read post]
16 May 2008, 6:35 pm
Volume 57 February 2008 Number 4 Articles Institutions in the Marketplace of Ideas Joseph Blocher The Internationalization of Public Interest Law Scott L. [read post]
26 Nov 2007, 10:20 am
The Georgetown Law Journal, Issue 96:1 (October 2007) Articles School Naming Rights and the First Amendment's Perfect Storm Joseph Blocher The One Court That Congress Cannot Take Away: Singularity, Supremacy, and Article III Laurence Claus Privacy's Other Path: Recovering the Law of Confidentiality Neil M. [read post]
18 Oct 2007, 9:01 am
Joseph Blocher, Institutions in the Marketplace of Ideas, Duke Law Journal, Vol. 57, 2008. [read post]
7 Sep 2007, 12:34 pm
  With that as prologue, let me spotlight a forthcoming article in the Duke Law Journal by Joseph Blocher, entitled Institutions in the Marketplace of Ideas. [read post]