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24 Apr 2008, 2:49 pm
Dept. of Energy teaches a new type of actuator based on carbon nanotubes having potential as artificial muscle used in MEMS and other devices. [read post]
9 May 2010, 5:54 pm by blaisemouttet patent from Northrop Grumman teaches the manufacture of inductive microstructures fabricated from silicon nitride/silicon nanocoils and applied to RF-MEMS. [read post]
25 May 2012, 3:53 am by Daniel Richardson
By Daniel RichardsonIn re Pellenz, 2012 VT 39 (mem.).Today’s case is a whole four paragraphs.  [read post]
25 May 2012, 3:53 am by Daniel Richardson
By Daniel RichardsonIn re Pellenz, 2012 VT 39 (mem.).Today’s case is a whole four paragraphs. [read post]
10 Dec 2007, 2:35 pm
A power distribution network of an IC chip comprising: a first group of parallel power lines, and a second group of parallel power lines, wherein said first group of power lines transverse orthogonal to said second group of power lines; an array of MEM (microelectricalmechanical) switches between said two groups of power lines having one MEM switch located at each cross-point of said two transverse power lines; a MEM switch control signal is provided for each MEM… [read post]
12 Jul 2007, 2:30 pm
A display comprising: a plurality of MEMS elements arranged in rows, wherein the MEMS elements of each of the rows are further arranged in subrows and wherein the subrows of each row are electrically connected; and a plurality of resistors, each of the resistors connected to a respective one of the subrows, the respective one of the resistors for each of the subrows of each row having a different resistance from the resistors connected to the other subrows of the row. [read post]
9 May 2011, 1:45 pm by blaisemouttet patent from Samsung includes some broad claims to an electrical energy generator based on piezoelectric nanowires which may be useful to remote powering of MEMS devices. [read post]
28 Mar 2016, 5:27 am by Matthew L.M. Fletcher
He wrote a compelling introduction to the history of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, Mem-ka-Weh: The Dawning of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians. [read post]
27 Jun 2010, 5:49 pm by blaisemouttet patent from Charles Stark Draper Labs teaches a system to implement a metamaterial based on an array of MEMS piezoelectric resonators. [read post]
25 Nov 2011, 7:10 am by Daniel Richardson
Amidon, 2011 VT 126 (mem.).Today’s case is a minor footnote due to an issue of timing.  [read post]
4 Feb 2007, 5:36 am
A method comprising: packaging a microelectromechanical device (MEMS) having a deformable element; reducing a rate of developing residual plastic deformation in the deformable element by illuminating the device with a beam of illumination light, wherein the rate of developing residual plastic deformation is defined as an amount of the residual plastic deformation developed over a time period divided by the time period; and delivering the device to a customer. [read post]
6 Mar 2008, 2:58 pm
[]This patent from Cornell Research Foundation included some basic claims to treelike silicon structures formed so as to create a 3D structure useful as a filter for nanofluidics or in optical sensors/amplifiers. [read post]
31 Mar 2011, 6:29 pm by blaisemouttet latest patent from Nantero includes some basic claims toward a 2-terminal memory resistor formed from composite nanoparticle and carbon nanotube materials. [read post]
4 Apr 2011, 2:30 pm by blaisemouttet patent from Contour Semiconductor has priority going back to 2003 and appears to include some claims relevant to arrays of memory resistors which are being planned for nanoscale non-volatile memory by several different companies (HP, Sharp, Micron). [read post]
23 Feb 2012, 9:17 am by blaisemouttet patent from HP applies Leon Chua's concept of memristive systems in the development of a new type of field effect transistor. [read post]
28 Oct 2009, 2:32 pm
[]This patent from IBM takes advantage of the flexibility and electrical conductivity of carbon nanotube mats to create an electrically actuated microfluidic pump. [read post]
13 Apr 2007, 6:12 am
[]Due to the difficulty of microfabricating inductive elements such as coils in comparison to capacitive elements such as parallel plates, micromechanical inductive switches are rare. [read post]
22 Aug 2007, 2:21 pm
[]Printing methods such as inkjet and imprinting are growing in popularity as tools for surface processing used in semiconductor and MEMS fabrication. [read post]
16 Oct 2008, 9:15 pm
[]Microfabricated cantilevers are an important component of Atomic Force Microscopes as well as many MEMS sensors. [read post]
30 Oct 2013, 11:01 am by Matthew L.M. Fletcher
Here is the unpublished order: Wandering Medicine Mem Dispo An excerpt: Because we conclude that the scope of the preliminary injunction only included the 2012 election, this court can no longer provide plaintiffs with the relief requested—requiring defendants to open satellite offices in time for that election. [read post]