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10 Mar 2010, 4:49 am by Carter Wood
Beyond the myth of formalism: new Brian Tamanaha book corrects caricatures of pre-Realist legal thinkers [Marc DeGirolami, PrawfsBlawg; Orin Kerr at Volokh; interview with Daniel Solove, ConcurOp] Lewis & Clark Law Review symposium on Iqbal [via PrawfsBlawg] "Another Federal... [read post]
15 Jun 2016, 9:31 am by Paul Horwitz
" It includes interesting articles by John Garvey, Anna Su, Chris Lund, Tom Berg, Marc DeGirolami, and others. [read post]
22 Oct 2009, 3:02 am
Marc DeGirolami's recent manuscript about the choice-of-evils defense, noted here by CrimProf, raises interesting questions about the relationship of the defense to criminal law theory. [read post]
28 Nov 2011, 2:00 am by Paul Caron
Commentary on Saturday's New York Times editorial, Legal Education Reform: Neil Buchanan (George Washington), In Defense of Teaching About Old Things -- and In Defense of Teaching and Writing Neil Buchanan (George Washington), The Scales and Arpeggios of Learning the Law Paul Campos (Colorado), Brave New World Marc DeGirolami (St.... [read post]
24 Jul 2013, 6:36 am by Rick Garnett
  And, in "Why Standing Matters," Marc DeGirolami explains (and defends) the Court's justiciability doctrines. [read post]
14 Oct 2010, 6:36 am by Patrick S. O'Donnell
At Prawfs, Marc DeGirolami writes about the “uniqueness of usury” (with several comments by yours truly): “Usury—the practice of lending money at interest—occupies an unusual place as a historical phenomenon: it is a practice that is condemned in the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions (to greater and lesser degrees), but forms the foundational bedrock of modern capitalist societies. [read post]
9 Jun 2014, 4:42 am by Steve Shiffrin
Marc DeGirolami, a distinguished law and religion scholar at St. [read post]
6 Dec 2013, 6:50 am by Paul Horwitz
I'm not offering up all the links here, but those interested in the contraceptive mandate cases should definitely check out: 1) The extensive series of posts Eugene Volokh has put up at the VC this week canvassing most if not all of the issues and angles in the cases. 2) Nelson Tebbe and Micah Schwartzman's arguments on Slate and Balkinization that accommodating the claimants here would violate the Establishment Clause. 3) Marc DeGirolami's post on the Center for Law and Religion… [read post]
4 Nov 2009, 6:34 am
As noted by Orin below, Marc DeGirolami tries to provide a global answer to that question that often bedevils academics, i.e., who cares? [read post]
13 Oct 2010, 1:57 pm by Steve Bainbridge
Marc DeGirolami: Usury -- the practice of lending money at interest -- occupies an unusual place as a historical phenomenon: it is a practice that is condemned in the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions (to greater and lesser degrees), but forms the foundational bedrock of modern capitalist societies.  [read post]
21 Nov 2011, 4:30 pm by Patrick S. O'Donnell
At Mirror of Justice, Marc DeGirolami has (yet again) an insightful post in which he writes of “an essay by journalist Nathan Schneider [….] [read post]
24 Mar 2010, 8:51 pm by Dan Markel
By laboring on this task, Justin followed in the grand tradition established by Marc DeGirolami, who did this for us last year. [read post]
5 Feb 2020, 1:49 pm by Mark Movsesian
For those who are interested, my colleague Marc DeGirolami and I have recorded a new episode for our Legal Spirits podcast series on last month's oral argument in the Blaine Amendments case, Espinoza v. [read post]
4 May 2009, 9:35 am
For the first time here, we have Eugene Kontorovich (Northwestern), Kelly Anders (Washburn) and Marc Degirolami (Catholic en route to St Johns). [read post]
1 Jun 2009, 4:21 am
With the onset of the new month, I want to take a moment first to thank all the wonderful contributions over May and April from Mark Kende, John Pfaff, Marc Blitz, Marc DeGirolami, Rose Cuizon Villazar, Brooks Holland, Chad Oldfather, Jessie Hill, Bill Araiza, Hillel Levin, and Brian Galle. [read post]
3 Oct 2007, 12:10 pm
Here's a paper -- "Faith in the Rule of Law", by Marc Degirolami -- that should be of interest to many Prawfsblawg readers (especially to those of us in the Law's Quandary fan club):This is an essay on Professor Brian Tamanaha's book, Law as a Means to an End: Threat to the Rule of Law (Cambridge Univ. [read post]
6 Feb 2017, 7:51 am by Paul Horwitz
The writers include Kathleen Brady, Kent Greenawalt, my colleague Ron Krotoszynski, Marc DeGirolami, Robin Fretwell Wilson, and others. [read post]