Your search Mattie Fuller, Bessie Harley and Beatrice Sullivan, Appellees, v. Laurens County School District No. 56, a Body Politic, Andcorporate, Dr. C. L. Cummins, Jr., Administrativesuperintendent of Laurens County School District 56, and H.l. Shealy, Principal, Clinton Elementary School, Bothindividually and Officially, Dr. W. Fred Chapman, Jr.,calvin A. Cooper, S. C. Blackmon, J. R. Swetenberg, Jr.,john Adair, John E. (billie) Willingham, and Dr. R. M.fuller, Each Individually and As Members of the Board Oftrustees of Laurens County School District 56, All Jointlyand Severally and the Successors in the Offices of Each, Appellants did not match any document.