Your search Mishael Maduakolam, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Columbia University, a Private Educational Institution,board of Trustees of Columbia University, Michael I. Sovern,president of the University, Sued in His Official Capacity,columbia University School of Engineering and Appliedscience, Peter Likins, Individually and Officially As Theformer Dean of the School of Engineering and Appliedscience, Robert A. Gross, Individually and Officially Asdean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science,maciej P. Bieniek, Individually and Officially As Professorand Former Chairman in the Department of Civil Engineeringand Engineering Mechanics, Morton B. Friedman, Individuallyand Officially As Professor and Chairman in the Departmentof Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, Masanobushinozuka, Individually and As Chairman of the Doctoralqualifying Examination Committee, Professors Gautamdasgupta, Frank L. Dimaggio, Norris Stubbs and Rene B.testa, Individually and Officially As Professors in Theschool of Engineering and Applied Science, Defendants-appellees did not match any document.