Your search Notice: This Summary Order May Not Be Cited As Precedential Authority, but May Be Called to the Attention of the Court in a Subsequent Stage of This Case, in a Related Case, or in Any Case for Purposes of Collateral Estoppel or Res Judicata. See Second Circuit Rule 0.23.united States of America, Appellee, v. Ralph Giordano; Alphonse v. Sisca; Robert Baviello;vincent J. Laforte; Joe Olivera; Edward J. Kavanaugh;ralph Agovino; Anthony Capuano; Anthony Damiani; Victorsignorini; Angelo Piacentino; Renato Lindia; Stevepicone; Jose Cesareo Gonzalez, Jr.; Anders Gueche; Stevealfisi, Also Known As "dee Dee"; Alberto Yepez, Also Knownas "albert"; and Eugene Dinapoli, Defnedants,victor Roussos; Genaro Perpinan; Frank Mandarino; Evelynhorta, Also Known As "pee Wee"; and Charlesguida, Defendants-appellants did not match any document.