Your search Prod.liab.rep.(cch)p 12,546dorothy E. White, As Widow of Edward F. White, and Douglase. White, As Surviving Son of Edward F. White,plaintiffs-appellants, v. the Celotex Corporation; Owens-corning Fiberglascorporation; Owens-illinois, Inc., an Ohio Corporation;fibreboard Corp., a Delaware Corporation; Gaf Corporation,a Delaware Corporation; Armstrong World Industries, Inc., Apennsylvania Corporation; Man Raybestos Manhattan, Inc., Aconnecticut Corporation; Nicolet Industries, a Pennsylvaniacorporation; Eagle-picher Industries, Incorp.; Keenecorporation, a New Jersey Corporation; Pittsburgh Corningcorporation, an Ohio Corporation; Combustion Engineering,inc., a Delaware Corporation; Amatex Corporation, Garlock,inc., a Foreign Corporation; Standard Insulations, Inc., Amissouri Corporation; Standard Asbestos Manufacturing Andinsulating Company, a Missouri Corporation; Carey Canada,inc., a Foreign Corporation, U.S. Minerals Products Co., Anew Jersey Corporation; National Gypsum Co., Rock Woolmanufacturing Company, an Alabama Corporation; H.k. Porter,a Delaware Corporation; Flintkote Company, Metalcladinsulation Corporation of Arizona; Williams Insulation Co.;williams Insulation Materials, Inc.; John Does, I-x, Blackand White Corporations, I-xx; Raymark Industries,defendants-appellees did not match any document.