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3 Feb 2020, 12:38 pm by Melanie Fontes
  Starr asked then-University of Illinois Professor Ronald Rotunda “whether a sitting President is subject to indictment. [read post]
19 Dec 2019, 5:01 am by Hon. Richard G. Kopf
Standard of Proof in Senate Impeachment Proceedings at p. 6 (quoting Black); Ronald D. [read post]
From the late 1980s into the 1990s, we examined Michael Gerhardt’s comprehensive constitutional history and important essays by Akhil Amar, Ronald Rotunda and Cass Sunstein. [read post]
2 May 2018, 6:33 am by Barbara Moreno
20 Mar 2018, 9:30 pm by Dan Ernst
We’ve just learned of both the publication of John Marshall and the Cases that United the States of America: Beveridge's Abridged Life of John Marshall, and the death of its author, Ronald D. [read post]
28 Jan 2018, 9:01 pm by Ronald D. Rotunda
” He still fears for his life because he found key evidence of a $230 million corruption scandal involving high-ranking state officials.Follow @rrotunda Ronald D. [read post]
17 Dec 2017, 9:01 pm by Ronald D. Rotunda
Now we know why Putin, by spending only a few hundred thousand dollars, in an election that cost the candidates $1.4 billion, is sitting in the Kremlin laughing.Follow @rrotunda Ronald D. [read post]
10 Dec 2017, 8:27 am
Lawprof Ronald Rotunda — in a WaPo op-ed — says that she should.We already know what Ginsburg thinks of the president. [read post]
5 Nov 2017, 9:01 pm by Ronald D. Rotunda
Most people understand that “bitcoin” is a computer-generated virtual currency. [read post]
8 Oct 2017, 9:01 pm by Ronald D. Rotunda
We now take these procedural changes for granted, but they were crucial in creating the most powerful Court the world has ever known.Follow @rrotunda Ronald D. [read post]
10 Sep 2017, 9:01 pm by Ronald D. Rotunda
Can robots practice law, and if they can, is it the unauthorized practice of law? [read post]
16 Jul 2017, 9:01 pm by Ronald D. Rotunda
If modern day politicians and lawgivers seek Paradise, they should give us peace and just laws.Follow @rrotunda Ronald D. [read post]
18 Jun 2017, 9:01 pm by Ronald D. Rotunda
This year marks a full century since Albert Jeremiah Beveridge (1862 to 1927) published the first two volumes of his historic biography, The Life of John Marshall. [read post]
4 Jun 2017, 9:01 pm by Ronald D. Rotunda
., Dem.) and President Trump can agree.Follow @rrotunda Ronald D. [read post]
21 May 2017, 9:01 pm by Ronald D. Rotunda
The 1960s were the golden age of peaceful economic growth—cut short by the Vietnam War.The Ronald Reagan Tax Cuts: Between 1981 and 1986, President Ronald Reagan and Congress lowered marginal tax rates across the board. [read post]
7 May 2017, 9:01 pm by Ronald D. Rotunda
Over a quarter of a century after the Salman Rushdie death sentence, he is still in hiding, his Norwegian publisher was shot, his Japanese editor was murdered, and his Italian translator stabbed.Meanwhile, Western European countries are now prosecuting their citizens for insulting Islam.Follow @rrotunda Ronald D. [read post]