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4 Feb 2019, 12:18 pm by Sasha Volokh
Please come represent the readership of the Volokh Conspiracy, and say hi to me when you're there! [read post]
3 Feb 2019, 2:39 pm by Eugene Volokh
Even further back in the day, she was born in Romania, which raises our East European representation to a whopping five (Sasha, Ilya, Eugene K., and me being the other four). [read post]
3 Oct 2018, 7:42 pm by Eric Segall
 Hensel  8:45-10:00: Abortion and Gay Rights: Moderator Eric Segall: Pam Karlan, Mark Tushnet, Jonathan Adler10:00-10:15: Break 10:15-11:30: Justice Kennedy's Prose: Style and Substance: Moderator Eric Segall: Eric Berger, Jamal Greene, Mike Dorf  11:30-12:45: Lunch: Free Speech/Freedom of Religion: Moderator Eric Segall: Mike Dorf, Eugene Volokh 12:45-2:00: Criminal Procedure and Affirmative… [read post]
28 Aug 2018, 3:48 pm by David E. Bernstein
UPDATE: It's only fair to point out that (in part thanks to the work of our own Sasha Volokh), Emory gets a green light for free speech from FIRE, so the university's general recent record is good. [read post]
28 Aug 2018, 7:30 am by Ilya Somin
Participants in other panels at the conference include Mark Tushnet (Harvard), Jamal Greene (Columbia), Adam Liptak (New York Times), Pamela Karlan (Stanford), and VC bloggers Jonathan Adler, Eugene Volokh, and Sasha Volokh, among others. [read post]
28 Jun 2018, 10:05 am by Sasha Volokh
This is probably the least important news of the day, but the Supreme Court has denied cert in DuPont v. [read post]
20 Apr 2018, 8:05 am by Eugene Volokh
I learned this from my brother Sasha some time ago, but I was reminded of it on our Galapagos trip, where the sea lions reminded my boys of our dog. [read post]
15 Dec 2017, 10:58 am by Sasha Volokh
"Per quel che ne sappiamo, non possiamo dire che siamo di fronte a una crisi umanitaria nelle prigioni private", ha detto Volokh. [read post]
12 Dec 2017, 11:20 am by Sasha Volokh
My friend and sometime co-clerk, UCLA law professor Jon Michaels, has a new book out from Harvard University Press — Constitutional Coup: Privatization’s Threat to the American Republic. [read post]
12 Dec 2017, 10:58 am by Sasha Volokh
Via LearnedLeague: how many countries can you name that are entirely south of the Tropic of Capricorn? [read post]
5 Dec 2017, 10:36 am by Sasha Volokh
FIRE worked on the changes with Alexander “SashaVolokh, chair of Emory’s Open Expression Committee and a professor at Emory University School of Law. [read post]
20 Nov 2017, 3:05 pm by Sasha Volokh
This is “You Don’t Need a Canon”, a song that I wrote over the Labor Day weekend, and which I just performed for my Legislation & Regulation classes today. [read post]
2 Nov 2017, 4:20 am by Sasha Volokh
[Note: The following is a blog post I wrote for, which you can also find here. [read post]
3 Oct 2017, 1:15 pm by Eugene Volokh
(Note that my brother and co-blogger, Sasha Volokh, a professor at Emory Law School, is the chair of the committee.) [read post]
1 Sep 2017, 11:44 am by Sasha Volokh
The 11/9 Coalition says this about Trump’s pardon of Sheriff Arpaio: The 11/9 Coalition deplores President Trump’s pardoning of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. [read post]
14 Aug 2017, 10:49 am by Eugene Volokh
UPDATE: My brother Sasha passes along this item — very amusing. [read post]