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25 Sep 2022, 4:29 am by SHG
The other day, someone twitted that baby lawyers shouldn’t suffer abuse at work, and if they are abused, should find a healthier place to work. [read post]
16 Sep 2022, 3:20 am by SHG
  It started with my shocked reaction to a twit by Cato’s Clark Neily, who has dedicated his efforts to gathering unduly passionate youthful followers. [read post]
13 Sep 2022, 5:00 am by SHG
I w/o question declined this — and here are my messages — No Quarter Will Be Given (@chaedria) September 12, 2022 This twit received a less than appreciative reaction, a ratio and a dunking as some have characterized it, as it appeared to many that Lewis’ DM was hardly “literally demanding,” but rather a quite normal polite request. [read post]
12 Sep 2022, 4:23 am by SHG
And yet, the court noted that while the defamatory twit must be viewed in context (although there was nothing included in the defendant’s answer about what these other twits said or how they changes the clear libel of the butcher twit), the libelous twit is more than sufficient to overcome dismissal. [read post]
7 Sep 2022, 4:26 am by SHG
Michele got canceled after she twitted something condemning racism following the murder of George Floyd and one of the other people on the show took issue with her, after which others chimed in that she was a mean girl. [read post]
3 Sep 2022, 4:39 am by SHG
There’s a kid in Iowa or Kansas, somewhere that doesn’t appear on New York maps, named Derek who is constantly replying to my twits by going ballistic about my friendship with Mike Cernovich. [read post]
26 Aug 2022, 4:11 am by SHG
Some rando jumped into my mentions on the twitters in reply to a twit of mine about student loan debt forgiveness with the riposte, “but what about PPP loans”? [read post]
20 Aug 2022, 4:06 am by SHG
Having no familiarity with Saudi standards of justice, I lack any qualification to have an opinion on this issue, even as the idea of a 34 year sentenced for twitting things bin Salman doesn’t like seems absurd. [read post]
31 Jul 2022, 4:17 am by SHG
I realized this was a problem seeing the twits of youthful Axios health reporter (meaning, person at a media organization devoted to news for people with 8 second attention spans) Chelsea Cirruzzo. [read post]
13 Jul 2022, 3:46 am by SHG
When I first saw and twitted about the Dallas newspaper story, it was because it was a funny story, a pregnant woman in the HOV lane claiming that her fetus was her second person in the car.Come on, it’s hilarious, right? [read post]
18 Jun 2022, 4:05 am by SHG
A disability activist, Hannah Diviney, twitted that Lizzo’s use of the word “spaz” was offensive and an ableist slur. [read post]
17 Jun 2022, 3:56 am by Chris Seaton
The joke, in case you were wondering, was something told by a YouTuber named Cam Harless, who apparently twitted “Every girl is bi. [read post]
14 Jun 2022, 4:16 am by SHG
The problem arose when someone twitted at Lizzo that she was offended by her use of the word “spaz. [read post]
9 Jun 2022, 3:53 am by SHG
I shared Nate Silver’s concern in a twit, and I learned something. [read post]
7 Jun 2022, 3:27 am by SHG
Could it have really taken four months to “investigate” two twits? [read post]
22 May 2022, 4:19 am by SHG
Judge Thomas Hardiman waxes judicial for a while as if this required detailed explanation why this one sentence twit was an inconsequential joke and not an unfair labor practice. [read post]
2 May 2022, 3:54 am by SHG
This was a crowdsourced “study,” meaning inviting victims to assert their victimhood for “problematic” twits. [read post]
29 Apr 2022, 3:45 am by SHG
At the other end of the spectrum are the people fighting passionately for the most pointless nonsense by twitting furiously at all the evil people who refuse to use preferred pronouns or call Hispanics by the name they’re too stupid to realize they should prefer. [read post]
26 Apr 2022, 4:13 am by SHG
As Mike Masnick has explained many times over, moderation at scale is impossible, there being just too many twits and algos being too imprecise a tool. [read post]