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3 Oct 2021, 4:43 am by SHG
Every once in a while, some twit by a baby lawyer crosses my timeline. [read post]
15 Sep 2021, 4:04 am by SHG
While “backlash” is often trivialized as “consequences” or “accountability,” this wasn’t about about disagreement with the substance of her twit, but demands that she be fired to physical threat against her. [read post]
7 Sep 2021, 3:30 am by SHG
What’s striking is the underwhelming characterization of the writer in this New York Times twit. [read post]
6 Sep 2021, 10:00 am by divi
Don’t expect your marketing consultant to send emails, call prospects, write blogs, twit, etc. [read post]
24 Aug 2021, 5:02 am by SHG
” It probably didn’t occur to @hollabekgrl that she couldn’t twit her brilliance if nobody made her iPhone, Twitter and the internet. [read post]
21 Aug 2021, 4:02 am by SHG
People twit with peculiar honor about how they suffer from mental illness, not to mention substance abuse, and not only are they not stigmatized for it, but they gain some odd hero status for their bravery. [read post]
17 Aug 2021, 3:41 am by SHG
**In perhaps the most classic example of FedEx’s devotion to customer service, Orin Kerr twitted about this case and got this in response. [read post]
15 Aug 2021, 4:42 am by SHG
**I’ve deleted the name as the identity of who twitted this is irrelevant. [read post]
10 Aug 2021, 3:40 am by SHG
In a twit, as Sterling was about to lose the support payments she was getting from Griffin after she moved in with her boyfriend, she seized the chance to turn herself into the new status hero by the potent weapon of a social media accusation. spent 22+ years keeping the abuse under wraps. [read post]
8 Aug 2021, 4:34 am by SHG
When I twitted something along these lines, I was vehemently attacked by some on the left for even hinting that wearing a mask wasn’t the easy and fun, because no one can say anything that might dissuade people from wearing masks. [read post]
20 Jul 2021, 4:10 am by SHG
Until yesterday, when this twit appeared. [read post]
18 Jul 2021, 4:06 am by SHG
But in an op-ed in the New York Times, where her marginalized voice seems to find a remarkable amount of real estate, Gay has come to the ironic realization that twits are nasty, brutish and short. [read post]
26 Jun 2021, 4:25 am by SHG
After it was announced that Chauvin was sentenced, I made a fairly obvious twit. [read post]
25 Jun 2021, 4:11 am by SHG
In push against ‘indoctrination,’ DeSantis mandates surveys of Florida college students’ beliefs And The Hill twitted much the same. [read post]
1 Jun 2021, 3:37 am by SHG
As written, twitting “Black Lives Matter” would be hate speech, while, ironically, targeting a specific individual to call the N-word would not be. [read post]
31 May 2021, 4:44 am by SHG
No, not gratuitously twit a pic of herself, because who doesn’t want to see another pic of Kamala as twitted by Kamala? [read post]
24 May 2021, 4:16 am by SHG
By much of it, I mean Lowery’s twits, which were the more interesting ones. [read post]
2 May 2021, 4:15 am by SHG
When I twitted this, some young people were incredulous. [read post]
27 Apr 2021, 3:43 am by SHG
The public doesn’t get to investigate potential jurors for their errant twits or problematic word choices when they were grade schoolers. [read post]
11 Apr 2021, 4:24 am by SHG
MSNBC anchor Joy Reid issued such a twit. [read post]