Your search United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee,charles M. Carberry, Appellee, v. International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs,warehousemen and Helpers of America, Afl-cio; Thecommission of La Cosa Nostra; Anthony Salerno, Also Knownas Fat Tony; Matthew Ianniello, Also Known As Matty Thehorse; Nunzio Provenzano, Also Known As Nunzi Pro; Anthonycorallo, Also Known As Tony Ducks; Salvatore Santoro, Alsoknown As Tom Mix; Christopher Furnari, Sr., Also Known Aschristie Tick; Frank Manzo; Carmine Persico, Also Known Asjunior, Also Known As the Snake; Gennaro Langella, Alsoknown As Gerry Lang; Philip Rastelli, Also Known As Rusty;nicholas Marangello, Also Known As Nicky Glasses; Josephmassino, Also Known As Joey Messina; Anthony Ficarotta,also Known As Figgy; Carmen Parise, Appellant.eugene Boffa, Sr.; Francis Sheeran; Milton Rockman, Alsoknown As Maishe; John Tronolone, Also Known As Peanuts;joseph John Aiuppa, Also Known As Joey O'brien, Also Knownas Joe Doves, Also Known As Joey Aiuppa; John Philipcerone, Also Known As Jackie the Lackie, Also Known Asjackie Cerone; Joseph Lombardo, Also Known As Joey Theclown; Angelo Lapietra, Also Known As the Nutcracker;frank Balistrieri, Also Known As Mr. B; Carl Angelo Deluna,also Known As Toughy; Carl Civella, Also Known As Corky;anthony Thomas Civella, Also Known As Tony Ripe; Generalexecutive Board, International Brotherhood of Teamsters,chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers of America; Jackiepresser, General President; Weldon Mathis, Generalsecretary-treasurer; Joseph Trerotola, Also Known As Joeyt., First Vice President; Robert Holmes, Sr., Second Vicepresident; William J. Mccarthy, Third Vice President;joseph W. Morgan, Fourth Vice President; Edward M. Lawson,fifth Vice President; Arnold Weinmeister, Sixth Vicepresident; John H. Cleveland, Seventh Vice President;maurice R. Schurr, Eighth Vice President; Donald Peters,ninth Vice President; Walter J. Shea, Tenth Vice President;harold Friedman, Eleventh Vice President; Jack D. Cox,twelfth Vice President; Don L. West, Thirteenth Vicepresident; Michael J. Riley, Fourteenth Vice President;theodore Cozza, Fifteenth Vice President; Daniel Ligurotis,sixteenth Vice President; and Salvatore Provenzano, Alsoknown As Sammy Pro, Former Vice President, Defendants, did not match any document.