Your search Wesley S. Brady and Rosaria S. Brady, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Town of Colchester, a Municipal Corporation in the State Ofconnecticut, Susan Marvin, in Her Capacity As Executrix Ofthe Estate of Helen Gay, Individually and in Her Capacity Asfirst Selectman of the Town of Colchester, Thomas E. Adams,james Cahill, Grace Downey, Joseph Kilrain, James Miller,joseph Ous, Adam Piekarz, Donna Skawinski and Donaldstandish, Individually and in Their Official Capacities Asmembers of the Colchester Zoning and Planning Commission,joseph S. Sudik, Individually and in His Official Capacityas Colchester Building Inspector, and John S. Barnecki,individually, Defendants- Appellees did not match any document.