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2 Nov 2023, 7:05 am by Alex de Waal
The international response to Darfur might have been glacially slow to get moving, but once in motion, it looked like an unstoppable force crushing all in its path. [read post]
2 Nov 2023, 6:51 am by Lazar Radic
Under the latter view, it could be argued that antitrust intervention taken on noneconomic grounds is deeply illiberal and undemocratic, as it necessitates a powerful state with the ability to crush private companies seen as “too big. [read post]
31 Oct 2023, 6:31 am by Hudson Injury Firm
Those include:  Operator error, including operation by young and inexperienced riders  Operating an ATV under the influence of alcohol or drugs Poor vehicle maintenance, such as faulty brakes or worn tires Operation over rugged or dangerous terrain   Operation in unfamiliar areas  Collisions with motor vehicles or other ATVs  Riding with more passengers than there are seats  Defective designs or parts Frontal collisions, which can throw riders over the… [read post]
29 Oct 2023, 12:03 pm by Bob Ambrogi
The photographs she returned with were vivid and horrifying — of soot-covered streets, crushed cars, mangled buildings. [read post]
29 Oct 2023, 3:01 am by Parisa Zangeneh
’’ Intergenerational families have experienced the loss of their ancestral homes, crushing uncertainty, and what appears to be forcible displacement. [read post]
28 Oct 2023, 9:30 am by ricelawmd_3p2zve
In these accidents, the smaller vehicle slides under the rear of the truck or trailer and is crushed and damaged by the force of the impact and the weight of the truck. [read post]
27 Oct 2023, 10:24 am by Michael Pines
The passenger vehicle often hits the motorcycle’s side, crushing the motorcyclist’s leg and tipping the motorcycle over onto the other leg. [read post]
27 Oct 2023, 4:05 am by Flaxman Law Group
Even though they may not travel fast, the force of impact can effectively crush pedestrians and smaller vehicles. [read post]
25 Oct 2023, 9:41 am by Chris Sivel
It is indefensible that Governor Murphy and Trenton Democrats continue to avoid the real issues while everyday New Jerseyans suffer under the crushing weight of the cost-of-living increases created by those very progressive policies they support,” said Bucco (R-25). [read post]
24 Oct 2023, 7:02 pm by Ilya Somin
 (NA)  As Israel justifiably seeks to crush Hamas in the aftermath of the terrorist group's horrific attack on October 7, Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip are caught in the crossfire. [read post]
24 Oct 2023, 6:30 am by Don Asher
  Lone workers are at risk of: Chemical exposure Cold exposure Crushing accidents Explosions Falls (slip, trip) Fires Heat exposure Motor vehicle accidents Struck-by accidents Victims of crime. [read post]
22 Oct 2023, 5:03 pm by Ty Stimpson
Crane accidents are a significant safety concern for manufacturing and construction industries nationwide – and Texas is no exception. [read post]
22 Oct 2023, 5:03 pm by Ty Stimpson
Crane accidents are a significant safety concern for manufacturing and construction industries nationwide – and Texas is no exception. [read post]
22 Oct 2023, 9:52 am by Chris Castle
For example, DiMA members (all run by very, very rich men in the Silicon Valley elite) bring an army of hundreds of lawyers to the Copyright Royalty Board to crush songwriters who are forced to share lawyers with the publishers to fight over scraps. [read post]
20 Oct 2023, 8:32 am by Christopher Hoffmann
CALL 24/7 – (314) 361-4242 ONLINE CONTACT FORM Chest trauma resulting from car accidents is a significant concern for many St. [read post]
20 Oct 2023, 8:14 am by Gregg Hollander
These crashes can happen in many ways, including: Turning left across the path of an oncoming vehicle Turning right before the intersection clears Going out of turn at a two-way or four-way stop Failing to stop at an occupied crosswalk Side-impact collisions can cause the door to collapse, crushing the vehicle’s occupants. [read post]
19 Oct 2023, 6:14 am by Don Asher
Industrial workers can suffer injuries on the job from commercial generators that include: Burns from Fire Electrocution from Exposed Live Wire or Shock Hearing Loss / Ruptured Ear Drums from High Frequency Noise Incapacitating Scarring and Disfigurement Internal Organ Damage from Electric Shock or Burns Loss of Use of Limb from Crushing or Burns (Amputation). [read post]
18 Oct 2023, 5:45 pm by Florian Mueller
Given that I played Activision games in the 1980s, worked for Blizzard in the 1990s, opposed and thereby delayed a merger in the late 2000s, and played Candy Crush in the 2010s, I just want to write that book. [read post]