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19 Aug 2019, 8:20 am by Rebecca Tushnet
The “attenuated link between one product sold by Defendant that contains creatine nitrate sourced from Plaintiff—Cellucor’s C4— and another product sold by Defendant that is not sourced from Plaintiff—APS Nutrition’s creatine nitrate product—does not put Plaintiff and Defendant in direct competition. [read post]
19 Aug 2019, 8:13 am by rstokes
In the United States, the number of incarcerated women has increased drastically over the past few decades (1, 2). [read post]
19 Aug 2019, 8:12 am by Cory Doctorow
The statute does not make an exemption for people who need to bypass a copyright lock to do something legal, so traditional acts of "adversarial interoperability" (making a new thing that plugs into an old thing without asking for permission) can be headed off before they even get started. [read post]
19 Aug 2019, 7:54 am by Robert B. Lamm
 However, there’s an argument — a strong one, I believe — that slow and steady does win the race. [read post]
19 Aug 2019, 7:42 am by jfarrell
Supreme Court does not rule the way Senator Whitehouse and his clients prefer, they will use their power as Senators to restructure the Court. [read post]
19 Aug 2019, 7:41 am by Meghan O'Neil
In addition to the tractor example provided above, a holograph Will may make sense if one knows that her current Will does not reflect her current intentions, but does not have time to have a new Will prepared and signed before going on vacation, going in for surgery, etc. [read post]
19 Aug 2019, 7:39 am by Jonathan Bailey
The new policy does not apply to video claims and it only applies to manual claims, meaning that automated claims through the Content ID system will continue with the same policies. 2: Judge Allows Roadshow to Raise Piracy Cases Quicker, Blocks More Piracy Websites Next up today, Campbell Kwan at ZDNet reports that, in Australia, a Federal Court has granted Village Roadshow, along with others rightsholders, the ability to more quick block access to pirate sites using the… [read post]
If someone exercises a certain amount of control over the way in which another person does the job duties, then an employee-employer relationship is established. [read post]
19 Aug 2019, 7:28 am by Kevin LaCroix
The criminal complaint does not specify how she obtained the AWS credentials, though Capital One and AWS have publicly cited a “firewall misconfiguration” as the cause of the breach. [read post]
19 Aug 2019, 7:28 am by Donald Scarinci
., (A-28-18/081201) (Decided August 8, 2019), the Supreme Court of New Jersey held that the Jessica Lunsford Act (JLA) does not violate the separation of powers doctrine provided that certain conditions are satisfied. [read post]
19 Aug 2019, 7:01 am by Hillary N. Ladov
In evaluating the plaintiff’s request to compel, the district court reiterated that the mere fact that an attorney is involved in a communication does not automatically render a communication subject to attorney-client privilege or the work-product doctrine. [read post]
19 Aug 2019, 6:57 am by Robert Kraft
If it does, you need to be aware of what went wrong. [read post]
19 Aug 2019, 6:32 am by admin
  Many people don’t realize that they can be arrested in Texas for DWI even when their blood alcohol concentration, or “BAC”, does not meet or exceed the legal limit of 0.08%. [read post]
19 Aug 2019, 6:28 am by Tammy Binford, Contributing Editor
Also, information from the agency “indicates specifically that it does not exempt religious organizations from all nondiscrimination requirements. [read post]
19 Aug 2019, 6:25 am
An unfunded liability is a liability that does not have current or projected assets to cover the liability; therefore it is said to be unfunded.I'm seeing the term most often used in reference to pension plans. [read post]
19 Aug 2019, 6:09 am
In his Opinion, AG Szpunar advised that Article 15 does not prohibit a court from ordering an intermediary to seek out and remove all content identical to that found illegal in relation to all users of its platform, as well as content equivalent to that found illegal, though the latter only in relation to the original user/poster. [read post]
19 Aug 2019, 6:00 am by Juvan Bonni
 Li-An Zhou and Chang Liu: Does International Travel Cause Economic Growth? [read post]
19 Aug 2019, 6:00 am by Christopher G. Hill
FCi’s conduct in procuring this contract does not change the nature of CGI’s unjust enrichmentclaim — an alternative cause of action for breach of contract. [read post]
19 Aug 2019, 5:43 am by Myers Freelance
This development in the world of search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) has led some to wonder: Where does the legal blog fit in? [read post]