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12 Jul 2020, 6:07 pm by Francis Pileggi
District Court, where new complaints slowed or held steady and arguments were generally handled differently, but both venues released rulings that were felt far beyond the 2,000 square miles of the First State. [read post]
12 Jul 2020, 5:40 pm by Francis Pileggi
’s CEO put his interests ahead of the investors in a merger with Willis Group Holdings Public Limited Co. and didn’t tell his board about a Willis director’s hefty pay proposal to head the combined company in City of Fort Meyers General Employees Pension Fund et  al. v. [read post]
12 Jul 2020, 5:24 pm by Robert L. Abell
Here’s how that would unfold: (1) the base offense instead of 14 would be 12 under 2K2.1(a)(7); and, (2) if the same four level enhancements under 2K2.1(b)(5) and 2K2.1(b)(6)(B) were applied, the adjusted offense level reaches only to 20.This is incongruous because federal law generally punishes firearm possessory offenses less than it does for firearm use crimes, a comparison that the maximum sentence for 922(g) offense of ten years and the minimum five year sentence attaching to a… [read post]
12 Jul 2020, 2:41 pm by Michael Brooks
While there have been numerous news reports about the IRS employees returning to their offices in June (and those reports were true in terms of answering phone calls and general operations), in terms of processing any paper tax returns (and issuing any refunds associated with such returns) and performing any function for foreign sellers of US real estate (we’ll go over those below), the IRS has not returned to work, and there appears to be no end in sight as to when they will actually… [read post]
12 Jul 2020, 2:36 pm by Ediberto Roman
” The tragedy here will go down in history as among our darkest days, and may take generations, if ever, to repair the wrongs done to these beautiful children. [read post]
12 Jul 2020, 2:19 pm by Meghan Freed
  Rather, either spouse’s testimony that the marriage has irretrievably broken down with no reasonable prospect of reconciliation is generally sufficient for the court to order the divorce. [read post]
12 Jul 2020, 1:26 pm by Andrew Koppelman
  Clinton was a boring, normal politician, given to troubling cronyism but generally very competent. [read post]
12 Jul 2020, 1:13 pm by Sabrina I. Pacifici
Many countries have turned to electronic measures to provide general information and advice on COVID-19, allow people to check symptoms, trace contacts and alert people who have been in proximity to an infected person, identify “hot spots,” and track compliance with confinement measures and stay-at-home orders. [read post]
12 Jul 2020, 12:54 pm by Howard Bashman
“The Halted Progress of Criminal-Justice Reform; Prosecutors are charging protesters with federal crimes, exposing them to long prison sentences, in another example of the Justice Department’s grotesque overreach under Attorney General William Barr”: Jeffrey Toobin will have this Comment in the Talk of the Town section of the July 20, 2020 issue of The New Yorker. [read post]
12 Jul 2020, 12:03 pm by Russell Knight
And the Congress may by general Laws prescribe the Manner in which such Acts, Records and Proceedings shall be proved, and the Effect thereof. [read post]
12 Jul 2020, 12:02 pm by Gene Takagi
Generally, 501(c)(3) organizations can make grants to individuals and to businesses if such grants are made in furtherance of their 501(c)(3) tax-exempt purposes and are not expended in a manner inconsistent with 501(c)(3). [read post]
12 Jul 2020, 11:48 am by Stuart Kaplow
The Maryland Department of the Environment will utilize a tiered approach for soil screening: Residential Soil Screening Concentration – 200 mg/kg Commercial Soil Screening Concentration – 550 mg/kg Industrial Soil Screening Concentration – 1050 mg/kg The rationale for the updated lead screening concentrations is that the scientific and public health communities, now, generally agree that adverse effects from lead exposure on the neurological functioning can occur at… [read post]
12 Jul 2020, 11:07 am by Magdaleen Jooste
 The Court held that "" marks are not necessarily generic in USPTO v. [read post]
12 Jul 2020, 9:39 am by ernst
David Sugarman’s series of intellectual biographies of and conversations with leading figures in a generation of British legal academics who have made significant contributions to legal history and biography continues with Jurist in Context: William Twining in Conversation with David Sugarman, published (open access) in the Journal of Law and Society 47 (June 2020): 195-220:William Twining is one of the most influential figures in academic law and legal education. [read post]
12 Jul 2020, 8:27 am by Eleonora Rosati
This, in a nutshell, is the question which the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) had been required to answer in Constantin Film v YouTube, C-264/19.The referral, which Germany’s Federal Court of Justice had made, focused on the interpretation of Article 8(2)(a) of the Enforcement Directive, a piece of EU legislation adopted in 2004.The background national proceedings had originated from the refusal, by YouTube and its parent company Google, to provide film producer Constantin Film… [read post]
12 Jul 2020, 7:56 am by Ira Meislik
It is an efficient, fast way to deal with an exception to a generality. [read post]
12 Jul 2020, 6:50 am by Comunicaciones_MJ
Sin embargo, en su opinión disidente, la jueza Sotomayor puntualizó que una “sociedad pluralista exige que las entidades religiosas se atengan a las leyes de aplicación general“. [read post]