January 2008 Canada Top Blawgs
Covers law and politics. By Garry J. Wise.
Covers technology and DRM. By Michael Geist.
A Canadian cooperative weblog on all things legal.
Law school blog and podcast from Canada.
Discusses wrongful dismissal and employment law issues affecting Canadian employers and employees. By Whitten & Lublin.
Law library information by Canadian Law Librarian Connie Crosby.
Features legal research news. By Michel-Adrien Sheppard.
Covers developments in privacy law. By David T.S. Fraser.
Commentary on Canadian trademarks & technology law. By Clark Wilson LLP.
Covers British Columbia wills, trusts and estates law, elder law and estate litigation. By Stan Rule.
Covers the harm of excess copyright enforcement. By Howard Knopf.
Covers knowledge management, web development and law library management. By Steve Matthews.
Venture capital and startup business advice. By Suzie Dingwall Williams.
Covers condominiums, environmental law, financing, leasing and title insurance. By Lang Michener.
Canadian law student blog.
Covers current trends and ideas in the areas of ADR and mediation. By Stephen Raymond.
By the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta.