January 2008 Georgia Top Blawgs
Resource for Georgia Bankruptcy cases and updates. By Scott B. Riddle.
Covers Georgia bankruptcy. By Jonathan Ginsberg.
Covers trucking accidents, trucking litigation, trucking rules and trucking technology. By Ken Shigley.
Covers qui tam litigation, compliance measures and contractor fraud. By Finch McCranie, LLP.
Forms, news, musings and commentary from a lawyer working for consumers and injured people.
Covers criminal defense, civil litigation and whistleblowers.
Covers personal injury law issues and topics, including medical malpractice, product liability, and discrimination and employment law. By the Law Offices of Robin Frazer Clark.
Features news and thoughts on issues in Georgia regarding wills, advance directives, living wills, healthcare powers of attorney, guardianship, and probate. By Stephen Worrall.
Covers legal topics such as appeals, drug crimes, internet crimes, white collar crime, and federal criminal trials. By Finch McCranie, LLP.
Covers workers' compensation law in Georgia. By Nathaniel F. Hansford, LLC.
Covers injury and accident law. By Stephen M. Ozcomert.
Covers injury and accident law. By The Angell Law Firm, LLC.
Covers injury cases in Atlanta.
Covers recent case law, changes in the statutory law, advice and practical tips on construction law including filing materialmen's liens, payment bond claims, Miller Act issues, construction contracting, and public works.
Covers employment law. By John L. Mays, Attorney at Law.
Covers injury and accident law. By The Murray Law Firm.
Covers decisions and opinions by The Georgia Supreme Court, Georgia Court of Appeals, and The Supreme Court of the United States regarding DUI law, Search and Seizure, and arrest procedures. By George C. Creal Jr.
Covers personal injury, criminal defense, immigration, business and litigation.
Focuses on injury news and legal matters in the greater Atlanta area. By Krause Golomb & Witcher LLC.