May 2011 Technology Top Blawgs

  1. Harvard Law School Berkman Center for Internet & Society Podcast.
  2. Denise Howell and guests discuss technology law. From the TWiT netcast network.
  3. The Art of Technology
  4. Focused on keeping politician's hands off the 'net and everything else related to technology.
  5. Covers technology and DRM. By Michael Geist.
  6. KZSU-FM (Stanford) Tech/Law Talk Show. Hosted by Dave Levine.
  7. Group blog with a broad emphasis on legal topics. By Professors Daniel J. Solove, Kaimipono Wenger, Dave Hoffman, Frank Pasquale, Deven Desai, Danielle Citron, Lawrence Cunningham, Sarah Waldeck, Jaya Ramji-Nogales, Solangel Maldonado and Gerard Magliocca.
  8. Covers legal and investment issues facing emerging tech companies.
  9. Legal developments involving the Internet and new technologies. By Evan Brown.
  10. Covers copyrights, creative commons, DRM, open source and more. By Andres Guadamuz.
  11. By University of Miami law professor Michael Froomkin. Covers civil liberties, the Internet, Guantanamo, Iraq attrocities, politics and more.
  12. Covers online branding and the law.
  13. Speaks freely about legal and policy issues facing the media and the internet. By Peter Black.
  14. Features observations on technology, law and lawlessness. By University of Dayton Susan Brenner.
  15. Review and analysis of cybersquatter cases decided under the Uniform Domain Name Resolution Policy. By Gerald M. Levine.
  16. Covers Brazilian IT law. In Portuguese. By Alexandre Atheniense.
  17. Covers privacy, crime and security online. From Wired News.
  18. Provides global privacy and information security law updates and analysis. By Hunton & Williams.
  19. Discuss current copyright/internet law issues. By Derek Slater.
  20. Cover cyberlaw, libraries, media and higher education. By Daithí Mac Síthigh.