September 2011 Arizona Top Blawgs

  1. By Shawn Hamp. Discusses legal issues in Arizona involving criminal defense and DUI matters.
  2. Provides news stories, analysis, and video clips on major state-law, civil trials throughout the nation.
  3. Covers criminal law. By James Novak.
  4. Covers Arizona DUI laws, DUI penalties, field sobriety tests and vehicular assault. By Koplow & Patane.
  5. Focused on personal injury and safety topics.
  6. Covers disability insurance claims, claim tips, insurer profiles, insurance industry news, and case studies.
  7. Covers personal injury topics related to Phoenix, Arizona.
  8. Attorney Scott David Stewart answers questions and covers a variety of family law related topics.
  9. Advice, comments and discussions about consumer bankruptcy. Some of the discussions are for laymen and others for lawyers.
  10. About accident & injury law, diversity, health law, insurance law, law practice management, lawyer lifestyle, small law firms, tax law, women in the law, and legal humor. By Kim R. Brown.
  11. Covers topics like Arizona Medicaid, ALTCS, and estate planning. By Jackson White.
  12. Covers patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.
  13. Covers personal injury news stories and legal issues.
  14. Covers the workings of family law, including recent legal changes, hot topics and pressing issues in this legal industry.
  15. Covers legal marketing. By John Skiba.
  16. Discusses personal injury matters. By Bache & Lynch.
  17. Covers bankruptcy and tax. By Pew Law Center, PLLC.