June 2012 Utah Top Blawgs

  1. Provides information about Utah legal research, self-help resources, new books and briefs.
  2. Covers estate planning, probate, trusts and wills in Utah. By Jason C. Hunter.
  3. Covers Utah criminal law and Constitutional issues. By Clayton A. Simms, LLC.
  4. Covers bankruptcy, family law, divorce, DUI, criminal defense and general litigation.
  5. Covers probate and estate and tax planning. By Craig Hughes.
  6. Provides commentary on Utah injury law. By jared Faerber.
  7. Tracks the trends of the country's biggest and busiest court of appeals, the Ninth Circuit. By McGuire Coats LLP.
  8. Covers Utah criminal law and criminal defense. By Utah Defenders.
  9. Covers Utah business, criminal, family and injury law. By the Salcido Law Firm.
  10. Provides information about what to do if you or a loved one has been injured in an accident.
  11. A resource for spouses and families of Brigham Young University (BYU) Law School students
  12. Covers medical negligence in Utah.
  13. Provides case summaries for Family Law decisions in Utah.
  14. Covers Utah DUI laws and defense of Utah DUI charges. By Glen W. Neely.
  15. Covers DUI defense in Utah.
  16. Covers Utah criminal law, criminology and criminal defense.
  17. Discusses medical malpractice issues in Utah. By Todd Wahlquist.
  18. By Jason Richards.
  19. Covers legislative and court cases affecting Utah employers and employees. By D. Scott Crook.
  20. Covers Utah's Legal Scene.