November 2012 Legal Marketing Top Blawgs

  1. Features reviews of legal blogs.
  2. Trends and techniques. By Jim Hassett.
  3. Marketing advice for law firms. From Jennifer Campbell of Integrity Marketing Solutions (IMS).
  4. Covers attorney advertising on TV, radio, billboards, yellow pages, Internet and vanity phone numbers. By Philip L. Franckel.
  5. Covers clients development and law practice management. By Allison Shields.
  6. Focuses on career and marketing issues facing associates or partners. By Stephen Seckler.
  7. Covers new media, web marketing and law firm marketing. From Amy Campbell of
  8. Law Firm Business Development Advice and Discussion. By Micah Buchdahl.
  9. Features law, marketing, Internet legal resources and technology news. By Sabrina I. Pacifici.
  10. Covers legal marketing. By John Skiba.
  11. Covers legal research tools, notable websites and blogs, web site design, search engine optimization and marketing for law firms.
  12. Covers law firm marketing, including advertising, blogging and sales.
  13. Covers legal sales, service, strategy and success. By Silvia Coulter.
  14. Tracking new and intriguing Web sites for the legal profession.
  15. Blogging resources, ideas and news for law firm bloggers. By Kevin O'Keefe.
  16. Covers internet marketing and law firm web designs.
  17. Covers strategy, business development, firm governance, practice management and profitability. By Ed Wesemann.
  18. Provides ideas and information for senior law firm management. By Gerry Riskin.
  19. Covers client service, creativity, leadership, marketing, operations and research. By Mark Beese.
  20. Covers communications, firm branding, firm leadership, firm operations, legal industry trends, marketing and strategic planning. By Michelle Golden.