March 2017 Legal Careers Top Blawgs
A blawg by Albany Law School Professor Mary Lynch designed to be a useful web-based source of information on current reforms in legal education, and to create a place where people interested in the future of legal education can freely exchange ideas, concerns, and opinions.
Covers how associates should approach the practice of law. By Keith Lee.
Covers legal careers, client service, and marketing.
Covers news and media involving faculty and alumni.
Focuses on career and marketing issues facing associates or partners. By Stephen Seckler.
Provides news, career advice, job search strategies, bar association programs and networking events to facilitate a job search. Published by the Tuoror Law Center Career Services Office.
Covers jurisprudence, legal realism, and legal theory. By Professor Brian R. Leiter and Prof. Daniel Filler
Covers career planning and advice for lawyers. Published By Ronald W. Fox.
The Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law's student run, real estate law association.
A lawyer turned stay at home mom chronicles life after law firms.
Covers law schools, careers in law and alternative career options for lawyers. By Professor Gregory W. Bowman.
Edited by William D. Henderson, Jeffrey M. Lipshaw, Michele DeStefano, Andrew Morris and Jerry Organ.
Before the Bar brings together a diversity of opinions, experiences and voices associated with the law – from students to attorneys and judges to members of the legal education field. Its purpose is to connect law students to the future of law.
A community of lawyers discussing personal finance, financial independence and investments.
Aimed at helping lawyers have better lives, better health and better careers.
Covers legal outsourcing and contract lawyering.
Provides information to attorneys to help them increase career success in the areas of career, marketing, productivity and life balance.
Provides a down-and-dirty, entertaining inside look at BigLaw and beyond.
Covers the qualification process for international lawyers to become English solicitors. By QLTSchool.