February 2021 Government Law Top Blawgs
By University of Miami law professor Michael Froomkin. Covers civil liberties, the Internet, Guantanamo, Iraq attrocities, politics and more.
Provides summary and commentary on selected court and administrative decisions and related matters affecting public employers and employees in New York State. By Harvey Randall, Esq.
Coveres actions taken or contemplated to protect the nation interact with the nation’s laws and legal institutions, including cybersecurity, Guantánamo habeas litigation, targeted killing, biosecurity, universal jurisdiction, the Alien Tort Statute, and the state secrets privilege. By Benjamin Wittes, Jack Goldsmith and Robert Chesney.
Official blog of US EPA.
Covers military law for trial practitioners and military members. By The Law Office of Philip D. Cave.
A regulation blog, in affiliation with the Penn Program on Regulation. From the University of Pennsylvania Law School.
Covers government transparency, accountability and integrity. By Judicial Watch.
Provides legislative support to the Republican senators in the Legislature of the State of New Jersey.
Provides commentary on law, politics and justice. By Professor Darren Hutchinson.
Covers False Claims Act and related statutes. By Ben Vernia.
Covers legal issues related to corporate malfeasance and protection of whistleblowers. Published by the National Whistleblower Legal Defense and Education Fund.
Covers campaign finance, lobbying, procurement and ethics laws. By State and Federal Communications, Inc.
Covers futures, commodities and forex regulation. By Shipkevich Law Firm.
The latest updates on developments affecting government contracts. Published by Sheppard Mullin.
Covers administrative rulemaking processes and administrative law issues. For members of the Administrative Codes and Registers (ACR).
Covers election reform, the Voting Rights Act, the Help America Vote Act, and related topics. Special attention to the voting rights of people of color, non-English proficient citizens, and people with disabilities. Publsihed by Dan Tokaji at Moritz Colle
Offers legal news, notes and commentary of interest to small government contractors. By Steven Koprince.
Covers whistleblower and government law. By JeffreyNewmanLaw.
Covers trends in legislative activity as it relates to the courts. By the National Center for State Courts.