February 2021 Canada Top Blawgs
Daily Canadian legal news blog powered by the team from Law Times and Canadian Lawyer.
Law school blog and podcast from Canada.
A Canadian cooperative weblog on all things legal.
Covers law and politics. By Garry J. Wise.
Features legal research news. By Michel-Adrien Sheppard.
Covers British Columbia injury claims the the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. By Eric Magraken.
Covers class actions, discrimination, overtime and workplace policies in Canada. By Lisa Stam.
Covers British Columbia wills, trusts and estates law, elder law and estate litigation. By Stan Rule.
Covers technology and DRM. By Michael Geist.
Covers current developments of the criminal justice system in Calgary, Alberta. By Michael Bates.
Covers Canadian competition law. By by Steve Szentesi.
Covers advertising law. By Natalie Gauthier.
Covers developments in privacy law. By David T.S. Fraser.
Covers employment law issues in Canada.
Covers Canadian legal forms. By Michael Carabash.
Covers Canadian appeal court decisions. By McCarthy Tetrault.
Covers employment law in Ontario.
Covers employment and labour law issues, including industrial relations/labour and human resources, business immigration and international mobility, enterprise and collective labour agreements and occupational health and safety matters, By Norton Rose Fulbright.
Discusses labour and employment issues such as termination, wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, severance, notice, and non-competes.
In-house counsel blawg on e-disovery, the impact of IT on the law and vice versa, information/knowledge management and wines. By Dominic Jaar.