February 2021 Wisconsin Top Blawgs
Covers the law and news. From University of Wisconsin Law Professor Ann Althouse.
Thoughts on legal ethics, law practice, and general nerdery. Licensed in Wisconsin, opinionated everywhere.
Covers Wisconsin unemployment law. By Victor Forberger.
Plain talk about Wisconsin's criminal laws and OWI DUI laws, Wisconsin courts, the legal system & the application and effect of Wisconsin's laws on people. By Amber Ritschard, Jonas Bednarek and David Saperstein.
Covers Wisconsin and Illinois real estate law.
Covers family law. By Reddin & Singer, L.L.P.
Covers trends and developments in workers’ compensation law, in Wisconsin and throughout the United States. By Domer Law.
Law blog for Wisconsin and Illinois dentists. By the Gauthier Law Group, LLC.
For Wisconsin and Illinois startups. By the Gauthier Law Group, LLC.
Covers divorce, family law, DUI, DUI defense, criminal defense, OWI, OWI defense, drug charges, and violent crimes.
Covers claim construction and patent law. By Justin E. Gray.
Covers divorce and family law issues in Wisconsin. By Lakeland Law Firm.
Covers dispute resolution and civil litigation. By Michael A. Pollack.
Discusses various aspects of landlord-tenant law and comments on various court decisions within the areas of real estate and property law. By Tristan Pettit.
Focuses on recent developments and news in labor and employment law in Wisconsin and at the federal level. By Randy T. Enochs.
Covers child placement, property division and other family law issues. By Wessel, Lehker & Fumelle Inc.
Covers elder law and estate planning.