December 2023 Top 200 Blawgs
Provides summary and commentary on selected court and administrative decisions and related matters affecting public employers and employees in New York State. By Harvey Randall, Esq.
Covers food poisoning law. By Bill Marler.
Covers copyright, patent, trade mark and privacy/confidentiality issues from a UK and European perspective.
Covers false advertising and intellectual property issues. By Professor Rebecca Tushnet.
Collaborative blog on advertising, intellectual property, and marketing.
Coveres admiralty law and cruise ship accidents & injuries. By James M. Walker of Walker & O'Neill.
Covers business, legal and government-related news. By The Daily Record.
Covers biotech and pharma patent law and news. By McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP.
Covers content theft, plagiarism, and copyright issues on the Web. By Jonathan Bailey.
Covers patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and Internet issues. By Gene Quinn.
Thoughts on the construction law landscape. By Christopher G. Hill.
Intellectual property news affecting business and everyday life. From patent lawyer Lawrence B. Ebert.
Covers managing in-house counsel groups. By Rees Morrison.
A regulation blog, in affiliation with the Penn Program on Regulation. From the University of Pennsylvania Law School.
Covers alternative dispute resolution issues.
Covers developments in trademark, copyright, new media and free speech. By Ron Coleman.
Features extracts from recently published decisions of the Boards of Appeal of the EPO.
Covers Internet, technology and online marketing legal issues. Published by Santa Clara University School of Law Professor Eric Goldman and Venkat Balasubramani.
Covers International Trade Commission cases and news. By Oblon Spivak.
Covers African intellectual property news and views.
Covers developments in patent law and litigation. By Stan Gibson of Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP.
Covers mortgage fraud information, fraud schemes and indictments. By Rachel Dollar.
Covers family law and criminal law in Canada. By Georgialee Lang.
Covers case analysis and commentary on intellectual property law. Published by Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP.
Distilling a million label approvals down to the ones that affect you. Tracks legal trends in beer, wine and spirits product approvals. By Lehrman Beverage Law.
Detailing substantive events regarding patent cases in the district courts.
Covers emerging legal issues in IP, technology, commerce, and the arts. From the Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts.
Covers law, rights and national security. Based at the Reiss Center on Law and Security at New York University School of Law.
In the style of Overheard in New York, solicits and publishes humorous eavesdropped quotes from law school.
Covers the Supreme Court of the United States. By Bloomberg Law.
Reviews recent scholarship in patent law, intellectual property theory, and innovation. By Lisa Larrimore Ouellette, Michael Risch and Camilla Hrdy.
Covers emerging patent developments in the areas of microelectromechanical systems and nanotechnology. By Blaise Mouttet.
Covers futures, commodities and forex regulation. By Shipkevich Law Firm.
Law school blog and podcast from Canada.
Covers how associates should approach the practice of law. By Keith Lee.
Covers trade secrets, non-competes and computer fraud. By Seyfarth & Shaw LLP.
Covers news, events and developments in business, intellectual property, employment law. By Morse, Barnes-Brown & Pendleton.
Covers patents, claim drafting tips, patent cases, patent legislation and patent prosecution. By Dennis Crouch and Jason Rantanen.
Covers the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. By John L. Welch.
Covers news and updates in business litigation, IP, trademark, copyright law. By BerlikLaw, LLC.
Edited by University of Miami School of Law Professor Michael Froomkin, The Journal of Things We Like (Lots)–JOTWELL–invites law professors to join us in filling a telling gap in legal scholarship by creating a space where legal academics will go to identify, celebrate, and discuss the best new legal scholarship.
Covers securities arbitration, state securities law, court decisions and law review articles. By Eric C. Chaffee.
Covers Canadian intellectual property law. By Lorraine Fleck.
Blog written by two LLM students on contemporary human rights and civil liberties issues in the UK.
By the Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review.
Covers maritime laws and concerns in Hawaii and Oceania. By Mark M. Murakami.
By Eugene Volokh, Dale Carpenter, David Kopel, David Bernstein, David Post, Erik Jaffe, Ilya Somin, Jim Lindgren, Jonathan Adler, Kevan Choset, Orin Kerr, Randy Barnett, Russell Korobkin, Sasha Volokh, Stuart Benjamin, Todd Zywicki & Tyler Cowen.
Provides information for professional and occupational licensees and license applicants in California who have been denied a license, credential, or certificate or who are at risk for disciplinary action (revocation, suspension, probation) against the license by the State.
Features recent legal developments. By the Bournemouth and Poole College Sixth Form.
Musings of a computer scientist turned law student. By T. Greg Doucette.
Commentary on law, business, economics and culture. By UCLA School of Law Professor Stephen Bainbridge.
Provides liberal coverage of crime-related political and injustice news.
For those going into law as a second career for ages 40 and up. By Sam Bruner.
Covers space policy, new and commentary. By Jeff Foust.
Covers intellectual property in the chemical, biotech, and pharmaceutical fields. By Foley & Lardner LLP.
Summarizes and translates decisions of the US Supreme Court (and occasionally the California Supreme Court) which may be of interest to Swiss legal professionals.
Blog of a LL.M law student in the UK.
Covers the relationship between art and law with a focus on intellectual property, nonprofit tax-exempt organizations, free speech, and contemporary art. By Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento.
Covers the quirks and quibbles in the law.
Covers Indian intellectual property law and policy.
Provides answers to questions about copyright, trademarks and patents.
Covers limited government, freedom, federalism and judicial restraint.
Covers governance in higher education and in law firms, bankruptcy ethics, popular culture and the law, Enron and other corporate fiascos, and professional responsibility generally. By Nancy Rapoport, a law professor at UNLV's Boyd School of Law.
Discusses copyright law for those in the content industries and the general public. By Terry Hart.
Family Law and Divorce Blog. By Steve Smith.
Features law, marketing, Internet legal resources and technology news. By Sabrina I. Pacifici.
Focused on legal developments in the property-casualty industry. By Carlton Fields Jorden Burt.
Explores the intersection of law and economics. By Joshua Sturtevant.
From the University of Texas School of Law in Austin, Texas.
Covers bar exams. By BARBRI.
Covers property law, intellectual property/trademark law, and bankruptcy rulings.
Covers the law of tax exempt entities. By Jedediah Bodger.
Advice, tips and musings regarding law school and life thereafter from a former trial lawyer (and guest bloggers), now Director of Public Service Programs at the North Carolina Central University School of Law in Durham, NC.
Featuring articles written by law students from across the United States.
Offers news and information from the intersection of intellectual property and business law. By Jim Singer.
Provides global food safety news & information. By Marler Clark LLP, PS.
From the University of Chicago Admissions Office.
Life as a Howard University School of Law student in Washington, DC
By Gordon, Elias & Seely, L.L.P.
Covers emerging empirical legal scholarship, conference updates and empirical claims. By Carolyn Shapiro, Christopher Zorn, Dawn M. Chutkow, and Michael Heise.
Covers cruise ship passenger and crew member injuries, boating injuries, yachting injuries and commercial fishermen claims. By Brais Law Firm.
Covers the law and news. From University of Wisconsin Law Professor Ann Althouse.
A resource for spouses and families of Brigham Young University (BYU) Law School students
The Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law's student run, real estate law association.
Thoughts on recent Ninth Circuit and California appellate cases, by University of San Diego School of Law Professor Shaun Martin.
Law student bloggers at Boston University Law School chronicling their law school experience.
Boston College's Latin American Law Student Association (
Cardozo law student division of CRI founded by 2010 Cardozo graduates Danielle Goldstein and Benjamin Ryberg. CRI-Cardozo has over 40 student members and is dedicated to raising awareness about human rights abuses against children.
Covers public service at the University of Virginia School of Law.
News and information of interest for the New England School of Law OUTLaws, and other members and supporters of the GLBT law school community.
A blawg from Albany Law School's Diversity Office to engage all students, faculty and staff to create a community of inclusion and to have an open forum to address issues facing all of us.
Just as knowledge and experience is the result of communities of learners working together, outstanding teaching is the result of educators working together to share ideas, experience and know-how to construct learning opportunities. This blog is all about providing an opportunity to share the expertise and ideas about law teaching among law teachers to foster outstanding law teaching.
Provides commentary and news on developing legal issues in advertising, promotional marketing, Internet, and privacy law. By Olshan Frome Wolosky LLP.
Covers law, politics, and foreign policy by legal teachers, scholars, fellows and researchers.
Covers law-related topics. By the law students at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.
Covers California divorce and family law issues. By The Law Office Of David P. Schwarz.
Features news, analysis and resources on patent law. From the Practicing Law Institute (PLI).
Canadian law student blog.
Resources and personal experiences for students interested in law school.
The yellow sheet is the official blog of the Chartered Institute of Patent Atttorney's Informals committe, the resource for Trainee Patent Attorneys in the UK. They provide weekly updates to the profession and some whimsical commentary in their weekly [Wacky Patents] special.
Collective blog for the University of Colorado School of Law.
Explores business law issues as they relate to SMEs in the UK and any international business wanting to trade in Britain. By Cousins Business Law.
Legal developments involving the Internet and new technologies. By Evan Brown.
Covers personal injury law. By the Law Offices of Stephen Bilkis & Associates.
Covers trademark, patent and copyright infringement. By Overhauser Law Offices, LLC.
Discusses issues of media law and responsibility with a special focus on libel and privacy law and the balance between the two.
Covers aviation law issues, including federal environmental and transportation regulations. By Chevalier, Allen and Lichman, LLP.
Covers real estate law and business law. By Peter Moulinos.
By the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation.
Covers copyrights, creative commons, DRM, open source and more. By Andres Guadamuz.
Covers Michigan drug crimes and drunk driving. By Jeffrey Randa and Associates.
Covers professional licensing matters and related regulatory issues for health care professionals. By the Leichter Law Firm.
Provides news and commentary on the regulations, laws, policies and trends affecting the aircraft parts manufacturing community. From the Modification and Replacement Parts Association.
Features art and cultural heritage law resources and reviews.
Covers Texas criminal law topics, including drug crimes, sexual assault, and the death penalty. By John Floyd and Mr. Billy Sinclair.
Covers Florida family law. By the Law Firm of Adam B. Cordover, P.A.
Covers H-1B visas, petitions, audits and caps. By the MVP Law Group.
Covers constitutional law, criminal law, free speech and torts.
Features discussions between judges and lawyers in the Richard E. Gerstein Justice Building.
Exposing the strings and catches in advertising fine print and analyses the legal meaning and enforceability.
By Kevin R. Johnson, Bill O. Hing, Kit Johnson, Ingrid Eagly, Ming Hsu Chen and Austin Kocher.
Covers software patent news and issues with a focus on wireless and mobile devices. By Florian Mueller.
Covers Northern District of Illinois intellectual property cases. By R. David Donoghue.
Covers estate planning, probate, taxes, elder law, business law and employment law issues. By Law Office of David M. Goldman PLLC.
Commentary on business law, antitrust, and corporate governance by law professors and economists. Ian Adams, Dirk Auer, Jonathan Barnett, Sam Bowman, Eric Fruits, Gus Hurwitz, Thom Lambert, Geoffrey Manne, Joanna Shepherd, Kristian Stout, and Mike Sykuta.
By Professors Byron G. Stier, Howard M. Erichson, Alexandra D. Lahav, Elizabeth Chamblee Burch and Sergio J. Campos.
Criminal law issues and commentary. Edited by Kevin Cole.
Covers corporate and securities law. By Broc Romanek.
Covers legal issues for photographers. By Carolyn E. Wright.
Covers elder abuse, prescription medication misuse and bedsores. By Walton Law, A.P.C.
Provides news and updates on Texas family law issues. By O'Neil Attorneys.
Covers securities law. By Silver Law Group.
Covers Texas elder law and estate planning.
A patent prosecution blog, with in-depth discussion of decisions by the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences (BPAI), prosecution strategies, and PTO procedures. By Karen Hazzah.
Covers Texas personal injury news and information. By E. Michael Grossman.
Discusses issues in intellectual property law and litigation. By Michael Cohen.
News and views on patents and innovation, with a focus on Australia and New Zealand.
Edited by Joshua P. Fershee, Joan MacLeod Heminway, Ann M. Lipton, J. Haskell Murray, Marcia L. Narine, and Stefan J. Padfield.
A legal tabloid that provides news and gossip about the profession's colorful personalities and powerful institutions, as well as original commentary on breaking legal developments.
Left-leaning, social justice-minded slant on law and justice issues, the death penalty, politics, and current events.
Addresses issues faced by license professionals and regulated businesses in civil, business, administrative and criminal matters with an emphasis on health care. By Green & Associates.
Covers family law and mediation. By Law and Mediation Office of Darren M. Shapiro, P.C.
Covers recent developments affecting business law. From the University of Illinois College of Law.
Covers the RIAA's lawsuits of against ordinary working people.
Covers virtual worlds and social media issues. By Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP.
Covers politics and law. By Professor William A. Jacobson.
This blog covers election law issues and issues related to legal education. By Professor Derek T. Muller.
Covers business and insurance law. By Rich, Intelisano & Katz, LLP.
Provides information for men at all stages of divorce.
Covers business law. By Brick Business Law, P.A.
General practice blawg from an Arkansas attorney with a strong background in journalism.
Features news and commentary on intellectual property law. By McKee, Voorhees & Sease.
Covers offshore injuries involving fishing vessels. By Stacey & Jacobsen, PLLC.
Covers California insurance law and litigation, including ERISA law, class actions and unfair business practices. By McKennon Law Group PC.
Covers legal news. By Reid & Hellyer.
By Professors Dan Markel, Ethan J. Leib, Rob Howse, Paul Horwitz, Rick Garnett, Matt Bodie, Steve Vladeck and Orly Lobel.
Covers divorce, spousal support and property division in California. By Bickford Blado & Botros.
Covers video game IP law. By Ross Dannenberg.
If you’re interested in news, insight and analysis on legal issues involving creative works and intellectual property rights, you should stick around. Whether you’re a full-fledged copyright geek or just a fan of pop culture who wants to know more about the laws that drive the content industry, this site is for you.
Covers teaching, curriculum, and classroom technology. Edited by Professors Douglas A. Berman, Anupam Chander, Gene Koo and Mark W. Osler.
Provides legal analysis and commentary on topical legal news and cases.
Covers property insurance coverage matters. By Merlin Law Group.
Attorney Scott David Stewart answers questions and covers a variety of family law related topics.
Provides insight and commentary on patent post-grant options. By Oblon, Spivak, McClelland, Maier & Neustadt, LLP.
Edited by S. Alan Childress, Michael S. Frisch, and Jeffrey M. Lipshaw.
Covers appellate litigation. By Howard J. Bashman.
Covers legal news. From the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.
Covers Daubert, expert witness marketing, and expert witness testimony. By JurisPro Expert Witness Directory.
A New York Criminal Defense Blog. By Scott H. Greenfield.
News and commentary on Directors and Officers Liability. By Kevin M. LaCroix.
Covers New Jersey family law. By Fox Rothschild, LLP.
Covers technology, law, baseball, and rock 'n' roll. By Erik J. Heels.
Review of copyright law, copyright litigation, art litigation and relevant current events. Discussions of recent case law and federal rules of civil procedure. By Ray Dowd.
Covers criminal law topics. By Stephen Bilkis & Associates
Covers New York family law. By Deborah Hope Wayne.
Covers common problems encountered by residents and their families at nursing homes and assisted living facilities. By Nursing Home Law Center LLC.