December 2023 University of Chicago Law School Top Blawgs
From the University of Chicago Admissions Office.
Listen to lectures by and discussions with the faculty of the University of Chicago Law School.
Covers news and media involving faculty and alumni.
Covers constitutional law, copyright/technology, corporate law, criminal law, free speech, genetic testing, international law, national security and more.
Discusses innovative proposals in the field of energy law. By Scott Gaille.
A law and economics blog by University of Chicago Law School Professors Gary Becker and Senior Lecturer Judge Richard Posner
Discusses new titles and current issues in collection development for law librarians who collect foreign and international law at their institutions.
By Professors Tom Ginsburg and Veronica Taylor.
Covers jurisprudence, legal realism, and legal theory. By Professor Brian R. Leiter and Prof. Daniel Filler