August 2009 Law Student Top Blawgs

  1. Law school blog and podcast from Canada.
  2. By Luke Gilman at the University of Houston Law Center.
  3. Covers judicial news.
  4. By the Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review.
  5. Covers the First Amendment, democracy and design in the digital age. By New York Law School Professor Beth Simone Noveck and members of the First Amendment in the Digital Age Course at Stanford University.
  6. Features posts and occasional symposia about law and law school.
  7. Covers the U.S. v. W.R. Grace criminal prosecution. By the University of Montana School of Law and the School of Journalism.
  8. Collective blog for the University of Colorado School of Law.
  9. In the style of Overheard in New York, solicits and publishes humorous eavesdropped quotes from law school.
  10. Canadian law student blog.
  11. Covers e-discovery issues by focusing on mistakes made by counsel, employers and employees.
  12. Covers limited government, freedom, federalism and judicial restraint.
  13. Covers the study and practice of law for pre-law and law school students.
  14. From the University of Chicago Admissions Office.
  15. By a full-time legal secretary attending law school part-time at night.
  16. From the George Mason University School of Law.
  17. Provides advice for blocked, bored or burned out JDs. By Annie Little.